Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, Inc. is an American ultra-low-cost company based in the Miami metropolitan area of Miramar, Florida. Spirit runs scheduled services throughout the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America. Spirit Airlines conducts daily flights in the Spirit States, in the Caribbean, and Latin America.

What is the Spirit Airlines Baggage policy?

Spirit airlines carry on policy

Spirit Airlines allows one standard carry-on bag and one personal item such as a purse, small backpack, laptop bag, etc. The dimensions for the personal item should not exceed 18X 14 X8 inches, including the handles and wheels. The dimensions for the carry-on baggage should not exceed 20 2X 18 X 10 inches, including handles and wheels, and should be able to fit in the overhead bin.

Spirit Airlines check-in policy

The checked baggage's dimensions should not exceed 62 linear inches or 158 cm, including the handles and wheels. The weight of your luggage should not exceed 40 pounds or 18.1 kgs.

Oversized or Overweight baggage policy

Any baggage that exceeds the maximum dimension or weight limit will be considered oversized or overweight baggage, for which you will have to pay additional charges. Spirit Airlines does not accept baggage that weighs more than 100 pounds or 45 kgs or is larger than 80 linear inches or 203 cm overall.

What are all the seating options in Spirit Airlines?

Standard fare : Spirit airlines believe in offering and advertising the lowest possible rates as a base fare. However, it also gives your customers a choice to add options and add-ons known as à la smarte options.

Spirit airlines Standard fare includes a regular seat and one personal item. Unfortunately, this fare does not include reclining seats, complimentary drinks, and snacks, Wi-Fi, etc., which is how they're able to maintain their low costs. Though you can pay for extra legroom, there is no premium, first-class, or business economy class available on spirit airlines.

Spirit saver club : Formerly known as the $9 fare club, spirit Airlines gives its customers exclusive access to the lowest fares available, discounted baggage fees, priority boarding, fast security check, etc. The program's total cost is $69.95 for a year, $99.90 for 18 months, and one $29.90 for two years. The discounts available from this membership can be applied to 8 persons booked under the same confirmation number.

What are all the check-in options in Spirit Airlines?

Online check-in : Through online check-in, you can receive a printable electronic boarding pass on your mobile device or computer for your Spirit Airlines flight from 24 hours to 60 minutes before the departure.

Mobile check-in : Through mobile check and you can receive a printable electronic boarding pass on your mobile device for your Spirit Airlines from 24 hours to 60 minutes before the departure.

Self-check-in kiosk : Around 3 Hours to 30 minutes before your departure time, depending on your destination, you can also opt for self-check-in kiosks available at the airport to obtain a boarding pass.

Airport check-in counter : Around 3 hours to 30 minutes before your departure time, depending on your destination, you can check-in for your Spirit Airlines flight at the Spirit airline' ticket counter to receive a boarding pass.

How can you book a Spirit Airlines ticket?

  • Go to the official spirit airlines website.
  • Click on the booking tab on the homepage of the website.
  • Select the journey option that is either round-trip one-way trip or multi-town options.
  • Select your departure city and destination from the list.
  • Click on search to find the availability of seats according to your date and destination.
  • Choose your travel date and your desired flight according to your travel requirements.
  • Enter in the passenger details such as name, number of passengers, contact number, etc.
  • Complete the payment via a valid credit card or debit card.
  • Once you've completed the payment, you will receive an email and an E-ticket confirming your reservation.